Yes. As a vendor, you can run as many promotions as you like simultaneously.

No. Mom & Pop does not process any transactions between consumers and Mom & Pop vendors.

Once your promotion has been approved by the Mom & Pop admin, your promotion will be visible on the Mom & Pop app within 24 hours.

Zero. Mom & Pop vendors keep 100% of the revenue from each transaction. Mom & Pop charges the consumer a small membership fee to gain access to the numerous discounts.

Mom & Pop members will have to present their Mom & Pop coupons from their phone as proof of membership.

No. If a vendor stops running promotions, they will still have an account on Mom and Pop but their company won’t be visible on the platform.

No. Vendor’s promotions can be as long or as short as they like.

Vendors can simply stop running promotions and their business will not be visible on the platform.

The Mom and Pop team will input the vendor’s initial promotion. From there, all vendors will be in charge of adding/editing any future promotions via their profile on the Mom and Pop website.